Friday, 13 July 2007

Why are things always more expensive in the UK?

I read an article today that says that although Sony are dropping the price of the already cheaper Playstation 3 games console in the US they aren't lowering the price in Europe. Whilst I'm not interested in buying one for myself I'm sure my sone will want one of these things or the modern day equivalent in the not too distant future. The point is the same applies to pretty much everything, for example it is well known that clothing from Gap is half price. Now I appreciate that things like exchange rates, size of the market etc all play a part but Europe as a whole must be an equivalent consumer market. It just feels like we constantly are expected to pay more and I hope that as more people shop and research online a fairer global market develops. No more rip off Britain!!!! There that feels better, now I must go and buy some new jeans at a ridiculously inflated price.

Friday, 29 June 2007

The Perfect Gift

I don't know about you girls but I always find that I need to make my husband think carefully about what to buy me as presents. that means if I don't prompt him I always get something I really don't want. The other day I noticed this great new function on Cubalaya, send to a friend, once you have found the product you want to buy. It's a quick click and email address and away goes the product of my choice into his inbox. I wonder if I'll get that new Apple Nano Ipod I want for my birthday this year?

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

My Top 3 Tips for Shopping Online

Whilst chatting to a friend the other day she asked me for my top tips for shopping online. After a brief discussion this is what I suggested.

1. Use the power of online shopping to research thoroughly. There are numerous buying guides to choose from and depending on the type of product shopping comparison sites to check on prices, stock and retailers.

2. If it is a site you have never heard of before check all their details on the website such as address, contact telephone number. Use review sites, blogs and other services online to see how other consumers rated them.

3. Always check into the detail such as stock availability, delivery costs, tax and returns policy before making that purchase.

Stick to these basic rules and you'll be well away shopping online safely and enjoying the benefits that it brings.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Howies Discount

They all seem to be at it, more great discounts available and this time from the incredibly cool . They are offering £10 off your first order of £50 or more up until June 18th. All you need to do is quote the offer code WH72AZ. Trust me you won't find it difficult to spend more than £50 on this site. just look at this beautiful summer dress for £55, perfect.

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Tesco £15 Discount Coupon

Do you always feel tired? It must be something to do with my time of life? I'm happily married, two wonderful children, work part time and start every conversation by stating how tired I am. It feels like the perfect mid life syndrome is starting to descend upon me. Anyway, one thing that momentarily stopped me feeling tired was this £15 discount from Tesco's on any grocery order over £50. OK, not very exciting and maybe symptomatic of my 'mid life syndrome' but I felt very excited at the prospect of getting some money off something I actually have to buy.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

A Busy Spring

It's been a while since I've posted due to work and leisure commitments but I've continued to shop online when ever I get some spare time.

Good to see my little shopping companion, Cubalaya, continue to develop new and useful tools to help me shop by launching a series of Buying Guides . I don't need any help with clothes but I actually found the buying guide on Televisons very useful as they seem to involve so much technical jargon these days.

Marks and Spencer have been very busy since launching their new site with numerous discounts and clearance sales. I guess they are either doing really well and can afford to offer great deals or are doing badly and need to clear stock. However I read an interesting article in one of the broadsheets claiming that they want to increase market share online so worth keeping an eye on the site as more great offers may be forthcoming. I see today they have a free delivery offer on anything over £30 but I'm sure better offers will be coming soon!

The most exciting new shop I've found lately on Cubalaya is I just love there casual bright easy to wear anytime summer ranges and the pricing looks excellent. I love the Summer, the perfect excuse to renew half my clothes.

Monday, 26 March 2007

Marks and Spencer Launch New Site

It appears launched a new look website at the end of last week. It's an exciting time to be an online shopper as retailers seem to be moving their online offerings forward to respond to the growing demand. As for the new M&S website I think they have made good progress in making it a little more lifestyle driven. The search seems to work well as I quickly found a bold print tunic I've been looking for as part of my must have Spring/Summer look. I'm not so sure about the animated introduction when I logged in, fun the first time but may quickly become ittitating. Also I found the black borders very heavy going and not sure it fits in with their image. However a great step forward and an excuse to buy my new tunic, suppose I'll need some new shoes and maybe a bag now.....